Before you continue, read the rules:

1. Absolutely no harassing other users or other stupid fuckery.
2. Channel jumping is just plain annoying. Do NOT do it.
3. Admins are there for you if you have any questions or want to report a user. You can find them just by looking for an S, O or LT -tag right next to users nickname.
4. You’ve found an admin? Do not bother them with pokes. Open a chat window, state your question and wait for a reply.
5. Users can make their own temporary channels, but if you make more channels than you and/or your friends need, that is also just plain stupid.
6. Vulgar or harassing user/channel -names will be modified and/or deleted, and the creators will face consequences.
7. You are getting this service for free. Admins are also doing this for free and on their free time. We all have IRL jobs and we are keeping this service up because we want to. Do not act like you’d own the place or we’d be your slaves.

These rules might change anytime, but here are the basics.

Do not be a dumbass and you will get along fine.


Lostorpedos Teamspeak3 server is running on and on the default port of 9987. Server has multiple admins (S, O or LT tag beside their nickname), monitoring non-password channels for chansurfers and trolls. If you need to talk with an admin, please do not poke them, just double-click their name and send a private message. They are usually gaming and do not want to be disturbed. They will answer you when they have the time for it. Everyone can and should make their own password protected semi-permanent channels to protect their gameplay-chatter from unwanted visitors. Semi-permanent channels get removed if no one has visited them for 2 days.



TL;DR version

TS3 address: 9987, no password. ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKERY IS TOLERATED.

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